Bar Du Soleil, is a Bar in Limassol with extremely high standards when it comes to quality of service, interior design and most importantly the quality of their offering.

When we started collaborating with the Bar we explored multiple pathways to create a digital identity that has a direct impact on their sales, but one was clearly the winner. Through a pathway that consists of multiple Digital Marketing Tools, to engage with clients whilst at the same time introducing them to a funnel that will lead them right to the entrance of the bar!

The bar already had its identity, its peculiar character and its extraordinary management team. It was though in need, of a Marketing team that’s not only about flashy colours, and nice Instagram photos. A Marketing team that had everything plus a way to convert, nurture and create loyal customers.

That’s how we decided what our strategy and approach should be. We wanted to not only create the most compelling Digital Identity that existed in a Bar in Cyprus but also to create a funnel that converts audiences into real reservations.

We connected all of our funnels with the online reservation software we implemented for the Bar and managed to track everything down to the spending of each reservation. From start to finish, a complete funnel.

Mixing it up with a few innovative offline marketing materials, made the digital presence of the Bar, invincible!

How Bar Du Soleil Became the RSVP King.

The aim was not to make a Digital Marketing plan to promote the brand. The objective is to create a strategy that converts clients to pre-paid reservations.

Turning Traffic Into RSVPs

Throughout continuous efforts, we managed to obtain an average of 82 online reservations on a daily basis. The Bar’s Website was still in development when we started our Digital Marketing Funnels, but that did not stop us from generating more and more leads(reservations) for the bar. Once the brand new shiny website was live, boom. We hit a benchmark of 109 daily average reservations.

The Challenges we had?

The biggest challenge we had was being able to convert quality clients and minimize the no-shows. Through nurturing, conversion optimization and retargeting though, we managed to filter out the clients that were of low impact.

The Project's Pride

From the launch date of the brand new shiny website, in less than 5 months’ time, we managed to rank Bar Du Soleil on the first page of Google in multiple competitive keywords.

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Traffic Increase

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Conversion Increase

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Recurring RSVPs

What The Management Says

Our bar is the best bar in Limassol no doubt. Form design, service, quality of drinks, food, etc. But this success did not only come from our operation side of things. We owe a big thank you to thinq digital for being by our side. Constantly increasing our reservations, and constantly growing our clientele and reputation! Thank you!

Giorgos Mentoli

Bar Du Soleil


Are you Next?

Are you Next?