CENTURY 21 is an American Real Estate Franchise that was welcomed in Cyprus in 2018.

In a small period of time, CENTURY 21 Cyprus has established itself through its services as a company with a client-oriented philosophy and one of the most transparent Real Estate organizations in the Cyprus Real Estate industry.

In our collaboration with C21 we researched and tested various methods of creative advertising across many social platforms. What we discovered through this process was that a holistic approach using multiple Digital Marketing Tools was the most fruitful.

CENTURY 21 is an already recognized brand, globally. Due to the nature of the organization as a franchise, the brand identity already existed. Our task as a Digital Marketing Team was to introduce the brand to the island, nurture the audience throughout their digital journey, and finally convert them into a client for CENTURY 21 Cyprus.

The ultimate goal was to create a healthy brand-audience relationship that eventually becomes a valuable lead. So, we came up with a fully comprehensive strategy which included connecting and synchronizing perfectly the entire digital media structure of C21, thus creating the ultimate sales funnel.

By fully integrating our Digital Marketing efforts with the CRM we are able to monitor how the customer journey unfolds while on the C21 website. Due to this integration, we were able to manage and assess all the valuable leads so our client would get the best possible result.

The cherry on top is that everything has been designed to be in perfect harmony and create coherence and continuity that will produce qualified leads.

The best Real Estate leads in the market.

In this case, the intention was not to gather as many leads as possible but to leads that provide quality. Leads that convert to viewings, and then to a sale. We created a strategy that would allow us to comb through the noise and get directly to the most qualified prospects.

A Brand That Everyone Recognizes

Brand awareness means embedding the brand into the audience’s lifestyles and purchasing habits so that they don’t have to think twice before becoming a client. Most importantly brand awareness fosters trust.

Through steady and consistent marketing campaigns, we have brought together the audience and created a community loyal to the C21 brand. The use of multiple digital marketing tools has allowed us to form sustainable foundations and a strong image presence for existing and new prospects.

The Most Appropriate Digital Marketing Tools

Our Google Ads campaigns are one of the pillars of our marketing strategy. They are created, optimized and fine-tuned in order to perform at the highest level and produce the highest results.

Through multiple types of Google ads, within a year’s time, we managed to convert millions of clicks, to thousands of leads.

How Many Leads?!

Too many to handle. Having to manage the digital marketing of a global brand is certainly challenging. Yet, with challenge comes growth. This is exactly what happened with the CENTURY 21 leads. After continuous efforts of nurturing and cultivating a great client-brand relationship, the number of monthly leads increased at a significantly accelerated pace.

As of Q3 of 2022, CENTURY 21 makes an average of 67.8 leads per week. The best part? More than ⅔ of this, are property specific.

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Leads Increase

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Quality of Conversion

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Website Traffic Increase

What The Head of Sales Says

thinq digital has been a crucial part of our digital marketing development. Apart from the amazing marketing support they constantly provide to us with whatever we need, they constantly provide new and creative ways to produce leads for our property consultants. From our CRM to our website, to our offline marketing materials, to our social media, and digital marketing in general, they have been an absolute treat! Thank you thinq digital team!

Spiros Sotiriou

CENTURY 21 Cyprus

Head of Sales

Are you Next?

Are you Next?