The luxury real estate industry is a very niche market. In this specific industry, the residences that fall under the luxury umbrella want grander and more state-of-the-art features.

Our story with Jeved Group starts in 2022. Our collaboration has given us the opportunity to study and assess the marketing environment in which Jeved Group was performing. Having such a niche audience is as challenging as it is phenomenal and it is certainly a high-risk & high-reward business!

After discussions and much brainstorming, our team has curated and highly specialized marketing strategy in order to establish our client in the right audience across the digital world.

Our strategy is to find and connect with people whose profession is Personal Assistants, International Fund Managers, and Corporate Services Companies. But what do they have to do with this?

The more we researched about our customer persona one thing became clear, high-end clients don’t use Social Media as a business tool but rather as communication and instant entertainment tool – if at all.

In today’s fast-paced society, time is gold. That’s especially true for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and high-positioned individuals since they spread their efforts across different areas of business. Personal Assistants and Fund Managers are the cornerstones of modern business and this is where our efforts are targeted.

Mixing everything together with innovatively designed visuals and creatively structured social media accounts, the digital profile of Jeved Group truly redefines the boundaries of luxury!

Jeved Group - Redefining Luxury Marketing

Having a wealthy clientele instantly puts Jeved Group into an ultimately unique position. The intention is to craft a fitting strategy that provides the solution of finding and converting high-end leads. SEO, PPC, SEM, and SMM, are just acronyms if you don’t apply them to the right strategy with the right targets!

High-End Leads? Where?

A broad range of affluent clientele makes up the luxury real estate market and the competition for high-net-worth clients has never been more fierce.

So, who are these individuals? In 2022 high-net individuals come in all shapes and sizes. This includes tech entrepreneurs from both established and start-up companies, individuals in the entertainment industry and C-suite executives in the finance sector, as well as sports figures and others.

What makes marketing to high-net-worth individuals, very high-net-worth individuals, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals such a challenge? The fact is that these elite groups of people are both like and not like us. Confusing right?

People with high net worth tend to enjoy travelling; collecting art, cars, jewellery, and watches; playing golf; attending art exhibitions; yachting; riding horses, flying private planes, and fine dining and everything you’ve been watching in the movies basically.

So, targeting them is relatively easy, but converting these individuals into paying customers is a whole different story.

High-End Investors = The PA Searches

In essence, a personal assistant is a “right-hand person” supporting high-net-worth clients to help them be productive and successful.

A personal assistant ultimately has contacts and access to important people. Simply put, they are in the unique position to be running their employer’s life. This is exactly where our team aims.

By trying to infiltrate the digital space of personal assistants we are indirectly influencing the “right hand” of the target audience.

Target The PA!

In the highly-competitive real estate industry, building a successful home-selling business isn’t possible without a next-level marketing strategy and of course the product to support it all!

Having successfully created a campaign structure that operates through specific platforms, we are able to ensure the high quality of the leads we are able to give back to our clients.

Also, having a consistent presence on Social Media and prominently displaying our clients’ business names not only helped get buyers wanting to view the listings, but the consistent presence has reinforced our client’s experience and credibility in the marketplace.



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Are you Next?