When we first examined our client’s digital status we immediately came to the conclusion that they were in need of a complete and total digital transformation.

As with other of our case studies, intense “digital care” was chosen as a first step to ensure that all following efforts were to be fulfilled properly and flourish beautifully.

Salt and Pepper was already in the process of re-designing its logo so our team came to the rescue with an elegantly made and ultra-friendly website! The prestigious and top-quality shop that is Salt and Pepper would require all the elite tools our team could offer, and we were more than happy to provide them.

We knew that anything less than absolute perfection wouldn’t be acceptable when it came to the website and of course, our team didn’t settle for anything less.

After the redesign of the logo was complete and the website was almost done, it was time to step up our Social Media game and change Salt and Pepper’s online presence once and for all. Since then, our client has never looked back!

Did we have challenges along the way? It goes without saying, challenges are part of the fun and part of the growth. Our biggest challenge with this project was to coordinate a very complex process between stock and marketing. Due to Salt and Pepper’s popularity and high demand from their loyal clientele, many products were already sold out before even entering the website.

So, how to market a product in this case? We’ll just give you a hint: Constructive Communication and Consistent Methodology.

The brand new website not only was able to charmingly showcase our client’s products but we ensured that the website had a fully functional e-shop for clients to shop anytime, anywhere!

User Friendly, Designed to Impress and Developed for Sales. Simply, put, perfect.

The ultimate guide to a high-end e-shop.

Developing a totally unique and highly custom website is essentially art. Combining the e-shop with solid coordination of product and marketing has converted multiple online sales.

Now, our client’s website traffic has order numbers and value per product.

How to Run a Successful & Elegant E-shop

The aim was to create the best high-end furniture & accessories website in Cyprus. We wanted it to be easy to use, and beautiful to look at while giving all the information you could ever need at lightspeed.

Was it a success? We’ll let you decide! Just visit the Salt and Pepper website here.

High-End Products = High-End Clients

Whether you are starting a new business or hoping to expand your existing company into the luxury market, the question on your mind is certainly how to attract the high-end consumer.

Having the right mindset in place has directed us into taking the steps necessary to effectively publish and market our client’s high-end products. Customers and clients are far more likely to support brands they trust.

Salt and Pepper already had its loyal fan base but since the rebranding and the launch of the new website the traffic conversion increased by 43%!

A Sale a Day, Keeps The Doc Away

Increasingly, online shopping and digital experiences are having greater impacts on how consumers choose to purchase luxury goods. Nowadays, consumers want to be treated as individuals, and this need is intensified when it comes to making high-value purchases.

Through Search Engine Optimization(reaching 1st Page rank), Continuous Google ads, Social Media Influencers, Social Media Paid ads, and email remarketing we keep the e-shop alive and kicking!

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What The Shop Owner Says

Our brand is a strong, high-quality furniture & accessory brand, that needs to be at the high end of the competition in all verticals. That is exactly what thinq digital enabled us to do. From a highly responsive & ultra-friendly website to streamlining clients from marketing funnels directly to our showroom and our e-shop. Anything we need thinq digital supports us with, and we are grateful to have such a strong team by our side.

Georgia Teloni Sisamou

Salt and Pepper


Are you Next?

Are you Next?