Tartufo is the latest addition to our case studies as well as in Limassol restaurant scenery. It is always very exciting to be introduced to the new places that our city has to offer.

We have been introduced to the Tartufo team very early in their journey. Building a brand from the beginning feels like a blank canvas. A door with so many possibilities, opportunities, and potential. As marketers, we have the urge to explore and discover where all the doors lead to leads and this was exactly the challenge.

Tartufo came to us with no website, no reservation system, and no social media accounts. Our responsibility to them was to create a thorough strategic plan that would allow both us and our client to focus on the best action path that would yield the best results.

A month later, this same strategy not only created and was able to set up everything flawlessly but also built up an intense buzz around our client. Having victoriously enlisted a few of the big influencer names in Cyprus and showing enough behind-the-scenes content the mystery and interest around our client is continuously growing.

Everyone is intrigued to find out what TARTUFO is.

Tartufo, A New Addition

Being introduced to a new restaurant is like discovering a new culture, new flavours, and a whole new world. The aim? To create a digital marketing funnel that keeps on producing Reservations through our client’s website.

Create the BUZZ

One of the best ways to create a buzz around a brand is to design a sense of mysticism around it. The best way to do it? Social Media of course!

It’s a guaranteed way of building excitement and generating enthusiasm among potential customers. Eventually, we were able to share more content about TARTUFO, therefore, making the buzz impossible to ignore.

People from all over Cyprus have been trying to reach out asking for an opening date.

This is a how-to guide, to create a buzz that grows inevitably!

Grow The BUZZ

As the days went by and we started sharing more material on our client’s main social media accounts at the right time. We knew the time, day, and means our prospects were more active, and thus we capitalized on the buzz. We made the buzz, BUZZ.

We nurtured the excitement through ads in our audiences and pushed it off the cliff through influencers. The buzz was buzzing even more and growing by the minute! The messages instantly doubled and the people were eager to find out more about Tartufo, and how can they RSVP.

As the big day approaches and the excitement gets more intense, we ensure that we track small events taking place at the almost-ready-to-open restaurant to increase the content we have. Hosting tastings are a great marketing strategy and it is the perfect excuse to get to know your customers, whilst increasing your content!

Is almost time!

Convert the BUZZ to RSVP

Teasing is just as good as the outcome, right?

After all this buzz is said and done, the website is ready and the RSVP system is fully functional it is time to convert everyone into – you guessed it: Reservations!

Now it’s time to push via Social Media & Google Ads a more dynamic and bold approach towards reservations. By creating enticing and charming visuals with smart captions and ads that leave you with no other option than to reserve your table in Limassol’s newest Italian restaurant we are successfully capturing all the buzz and turning it into a valuable customer, a lead, an RSVP.

Having a full house with full bellies is the ultimate achievement.


1st Month IG Followers


Request for RSVP


Traffic Increase

Are you Next?

Are you Next?